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Monday, October 31, 2016

Life of Orpheus Is Live!

I had a new story posted on Sci Phi Journal today:

This was actually one of the first stories I wrote, so it has quite a bit of sentimental value for me. It's a little rough around the edges, but nice to see it in print. Plus, it has a really cool cover image:

It's been a while since I posted last, but I've actually been doing quite a bit of writing, just not a lot of posting. I'm probably posting more frequently over at @vjalrik on Twitter now (though still infrequent...), so I'll see if I can get a feed up on here. I'll have some more news coming up in the next couple of months!

Friday, June 3, 2016

New Work-in-Progress

Just a quick note I've started a new novel. This one's meant to be a middle grade science fiction, and I have to admit I'm pretty excited about it. I'm updating my word counts in the bar at the top, so follow along!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Managing Rejection Is Live!

My first nonfiction book, Managing Rejection: How to Measure Success as an Aspiring Science Fiction Author, is now available on Amazon.

It goes over some methods I developed for tracking short story submission performance.  It's pretty cool, so check it out!  I hope it proves to be as useful for other writers as it has been for me.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Fiddling with Layouts and Other Chaotic News

I went ahead and combined my old blog with my pen name blog, which naturally went completely smoothly without any problems of any kind.

Hopefully I'll be able to get all the bugs worked out...someday.

But for now, this is home, my one and only.  I have some stories out making the rounds, working on some other things, and should have some news to post soon....

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Current Flash Markets

I like writing flash science fiction, and I like The Grinder, but one recurring headache I've had is identifying flash markets on the listing that actually specifically are looking for flash.  A lot of "flash" markets are included in The Grinder's Advanced Search output simply because their guidelines don't specify a lower bound; e.g., "up to 10,000 words" would be listed as a flash market (and they very well might love flash, but to me it's much more of a gamble than a market that explicitly says they accept flash; maybe it's just me...).
So I decided to look at flash markets in more detail to try to pin down a list of markets that actually accept flash or can reasonably be assumed to do so.  And here it is:

Market NameFlash Word CountAcceptance RateMean Response Time (Median)
SpeckLitup to 1000.617642 (43)
Timeless Talesup to 2,0000.285743 (55)
Nature: Futures850 to 9500.262 (61)
Grievous Angel (Urban Fantasist)up to 7000.098413 (11)
Daily Science Fiction100 to 1,5000.09624 (21)
Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing Newsletterup to 1,0000.07440 (29)
Lakeside Circusup to 1,0000.070468 (61)
Freeze Frame Fictionup to 1,0000.067222 (14)
Flash Fiction Online500 to 1,0000.051314 (11)
Terraformup to 2,0000.048838 (54)
Mad Scientist Journal500 to 2,0000.6815 (13)
The Future Fireup to 1,0000.3340 (40)
Perihelion Science Fiction400 to 1,6000.302159 (59)
Odd Tree Press Quarterly500 to 1,5000.272747 (153)
The Colored Lensup to 2,0000.2520 (1)
Bete Noire100 to 2,0000.181851 (57)
Unlikely Storyup to 2,0000.116249 (33)
AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review500 to 20000.080479 (76)
Fantasy Scroll Magup to 1,5000.055936 (30)
On Specup to 1,0000.0526202 (203)
Unsung Storiesup to 2,0000.050829 (25)
T. Gene Davis's Speculative Blog250 to 2,0000.044414 (12)
Drabblecast500 to 2,0000.04311 (5)
Plasma Frequency Magazineup to 2,0000.037515 (11)
Blue Monday Reviewup to 2,0000.036349 (60)
DarkFuse Magazine99 to 9990.0339119 (150)
Orthogonal5 to 1,0000.032840 (42)
Spark: A Creative Anthologyup to 1,5000.0323103 (100)
Fantastic Stories of the Imaginationup to 2,0000.017912 (5)
Strangeletup to 2,0000.009325 (23)
Devilfish Reviewup to 500082 (104)
Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazineup to 2,00001 (1)
Pinballup to 2,000019 (20)
Three-Lobed Burning Eye500 to 1,000035 (23)

These were identified from searches during 1/23-1/27/2016 for currently open science fiction flash that were listed as semi-pro or better (at least $0.01/word) with at least 5 submissions in the past year.  I defined flash liberally with stories up to 2,000 words (and capped at that point for markets accepting longer work), and I considered a market a flash market if their guidelines limited submissions to that range, specifically mentioned that they accepted guidelines with upper bounds within that range, specifically mentioned (favorably) accepting "flash," or had word count guidelines such that it could be expected that at least 50% of submissions would fall within that range.  There are certainly other listed markets that accept flash, but since they don't explicitly say they do, I'd say submitter beware.

I considered including temporarily closed markets in this list as well, but The Grinder is always in flux anyway, so by the time those markets re-opened this analysis would be out of date and many new flash markets would likely be available.  As of last week, these were the solid options.  I'll update it when this list starts feeling stale....